Sean E. Barrett

Sean is a professor of Physics at Yale and has been a member of the faculty since 1994. He earned his Ph.D. in Physics from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1992 as a student of Charles (Charlie) Slichter. Before joining Yale, Sean was postdoctoral fellow at at AT&T Bell Labs. He is currently the Dean of Graduate Studies in Physics and has previously served as the Dean of Undergraduate studies.

Current Graduate Students

Robby Blum

Robby is fourth year Ph.D student in Physics at Yale. He is also the recipient of a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and earned his B.S. in Physics from University of Maryland College Park in 2012. Currently, Robby’s research projects include using the quadratic echo line-narrowing sequence to investigate C-13 and Si-29 in shale and limestone as well as developing sparse sampling techniques and the reconstruction methods thereof.

Stefan Elrington

Stefan, a fifth year Ph.D. student in Physics at Yale, earned his B.A. in Physics from Williams College in 2009. His research projects include using multinuclear techniques to enhance P-31 quadratic echo line-narrowing and imaging in solids, application of the quadratic echo to spin>1/2 nuclei as well as MR imaging of granular materials. As a student of Yale's Integrated Graduate Program in Physics and Engineering Biology (IGPPEB), Stefan’s outreach includes co-organizing the monthly Sackler Discussion Group.

Jared Rovny

Jared, a fourth year Ph.D. student in Physics at Yale, earned his B.S. in Physics from the University of Dallas in 2012. His research projects include reconstruction algorithms for sparsely sampled data as well as using multinuclear techniques to expand the scope of quadratic echo line-narrowing in strongly coupled heteronuclear systems of H-1 and P-31 . At Yale, Jared was awarded the Yale Prize Teaching Fellowship and is an active volunteer in outreach such as the Yale Physics Olympics and high school bridge programs.


Graduate Student Alumni

Meredith Frey Ph.D., 2013 Using Novel Pulse Sequences for Magnetic Resonance Imaging of 31Phosphorus in Hard and Soft Solids
Rona Ramos Ph.D., 2010 Novel Pulse Sequences Exploiting the Effects of Hard Pi-pulses
Yanqun Dong Ph.D., 2009 Effects of hard but finite pi pulses: From uncontrolled coherence flow to extreme line-narrowing and MRI of solids
Dale Li Ph.D., 2007 Unexpected Spin Echoes in Dipolar Solids: Intrinsic Effects of Finite Pi Pulses on Quantum Coherence
Anatoly Dementyev Ph.D., 2004 Spin in the quantum Hall effect: OPNMR studies of skyrmions and composite fermions
Pankaj Khandelwal Ph.D., 2001 Optically pumped NMR in the quantum Hall regimes
Nicholas Kuzma Ph.D., 1999 Optically pumped NMR study of electron spin dynamics in the fractional quantum Hall regime



Undergraduate Students (Senior Research Projects)


Zach Sethna B.S., 2013  
Gilbert B.S., 2007  
John D. Murray B.S., 2006 Yale Physics Award Winner for Outstanding Student Research
Maggie Wittlin B.S., 2005  
Nathanial Kan B.S., 2005  
Ariel Cohen B.S., 2003  
Kenneth Maclean B.S., 2002 Yale Physics Award Winner for Outstanding Student Research
Alexander Boxer B.S., 2001  
Trygve Bakken B.S., 2001